Chris Lindsey

Tell us a little about yourself:

I grew up in Shelbyville (pronounced “Shubvel” if you’re from TN), and moved to Nashville to attend college. My first stint at Lipscomb was cut short to pursue my dreams of being a singer and I proceeded to tour the world singing in the acapella groups AVB and Watershed Worship for the next decade of my life. Once back at school (and still singing as a weekend warrior) I met my wife, Vicki, and now get to share the stage with her leading people in worship every single Sunday. I LOVE IT!  We’re going on 12 years of marriage and have an 8yr old daughter, Genesis, and 6yr old son, Graham.  We love the stage of life we’re in right now!

What most excites you about Well House Church?

The ability to dream. Well House is a place where everyone is encouraged to dream big with us!  We are so excited about creating new ways to get out into the community and we know that can’t come from just us!  At Well House, everyone has an equal opportunity to be hands on in the process of making our church unique and genuine from the get-go.  We want to err on the side of inclusivity and want everyone to feel welcome. That makes it a little scary not knowing exactly what’s next but there is a true excitement that accompanies it, too!  This has been the most rewarding and freeing season of my ministry and I know that’s because we’re counting on God to direct every step this church takes.

What hobbies/activities/events give you life?  

All things coffee. Honestly. “But first, coffee” is my motto!  I like to joke I’m not a Christian before 10 am (or once it gets into my veins) and I’m so happy we live in a city that has great coffee around every corner.  Food. my wife and I are self proclaimed “foodies” and love trying out new restaurants. Music is something I couldn’t live without. Playing, singing, creating, and writing it.  I’m artistic to the core and music is the best way for me to communicate…worship is monumental in that.  I love Apple products and should honestly have a part-time job at the Mac store because I convert everyone I know. I like playing games of all kinds. With my kids, the games we play mainly consist of Skylanders, Disney Infinity and anything Mario Bros related.  I also enjoy card and board games with friends.  A night spent doing that is the BEST way to get to know people and usually consists of a ton of laughter!

Share with us your favorite scripture/story from scripture:

I love the picture that Zephaniah 3:17 paints…God singing over us.  It shows that God is in community with us and doesn’t just rejoice in our singing to Him – but responds to us the same way!  Singing over us!  I mean, can you imagine what God’s voice sounds like?!?  (I like to imagine it’s like Brian McKnight or perhaps he does funky Take 6 chords all on his own, no other singers)

Share with us some favorites:

Favorite Movies: “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, the Marvel Universe movies and pretty much everything Christpher Nolan or J.J. Abrams directs.

Favorite Food: Anything with guacamole on it.

Favorite Authors: Stephen King, N.T. Wright, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Eugene Peterson.

Favorite Artists: Coldplay, Pentatonix, Hillsong, Derek Webb, Weezer, All Sons and Daughters, and Nickel Creek.

Give us one “fun fact”:

My first real concert was Vanilla Ice.  I know all the words to “Ice, Ice Baby” and HAVE performed it…at a church function.