Leanne Shelby

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a native Nashvillian. I met my husband, Eddie, in the 1st grade at Neely’s Bend Elementary School. We have one son, Jacob, and a grandson, Hunter. I attended Lipscomb with the intention of getting a degree in Elementary Education, but ended up teaching dance at a performing arts studio. During that time, I began falling in love with God’s Word as I dove into deep study. With continued study, a strong desire to teach Bible classes developed and I attended as many training classes as I could find. Since then God has fanned into flame the gifts that he gave me.  I have not only taught classes in my own church, but have also travelled around the states doing the same. Recently, I even got to travel to Cuba and teach at a youth conference.

What most excites you about Well House Church? 

I love the mission of Well House to be a place in the community where people gather and encounter Jesus.

What hobbies/activities/events give you life? 

I LOVE to read! And I love a great story – especially the happily ever after kind! We grew up on the Cumberland River and we were even called River Rats. My best memories are water skiing and playing in the water with my family. I still love being around water of any kind. We have wonderful family who are friends and friends who are family.  We enjoy traveling, playing cards, eating great food, shopping, and just sitting around talking and laughing. I love to decorate and paint walls (and furniture too)!

Share with us your favorite scripture/story from scripture:

The story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20 is probably my favorite! When faced with insurmountable odds, Jehoshaphat prayed and was very honest with God. He said, “…we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.” God told the people to stand firm! As the people praised God for what he was going to do, they also prepared for battle. When they arrived at battle, the armies that were coming against them had already destroyed each other! Just as he did back then: our God goes before us, he stands beside us, and he is behind us. Stand firm!

Share with us some favorites:

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite movie: “The Sound of Music”

Favorite band: The Beatles

Favorite thing to do: Go to the movie with my grandson, Hunter

Favorite vacation place with my family: Cape San Blas, FL

Favorite day of the week: Sunday

Favorite girl trip: NYC!

Give us one “fun fact”: 

I can stand on my head longer than you can!